The Cavalry Group Reports:

The American horse industry and horse owners across the country must call upon Congress to pass the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations bill with NO amendments banning humane horse processing.

While humane regulated horse processing in the U.S. was reestablished in 2011, we must remain vigilant to prevent it from being banned again. Those who own horses or make their living in the horse industry know too well the negative effect the ban has had on horse welfare, the U.S. economy, and the threat against American’s private property rights.

The lack of humane, regulated horse processing in the U.S. has resulted in increased abandonment, neglect, pain, and suffering of horses. The Moran amendment does not deal with the real issues of starving horses across America. As clearly indicated in the Government Accounting Office (GAO) report of June 2011, the elimination of humane processing in the U.S. has resulted in increased abandonment, neglect, pain and misery for horses nation-wide.

Meanwhile, herds are liquidating, sale barns and horse equipment dealers are closing, the pastures and corrals are empty, the jobs are gone, the horse market is so low as to be virtually nonexistent. In just five short years without humane processing the number of horses being born to be available as work, pleasure, or sport horses has plummeted by well over 70% as reported by ALL of the major breed registries. If the Moran amendment is allowed to stand, all hope of the horse industry beginning to rebuild will be lost.

In a year when Congress is looking for every possible way to create jobs and stimulate the economy, the misguided and poorly thought out Moran amendment would destroy what is left of the horse industry.

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